Keith Drew

I’m Keith Drew, the owner and principal Interim Manager and Consultant at Clifford-Drew Ltd.

My career is based on helping companies and charities become more successful.  I’ve worked at Board level and with Senior Executives and Middle Managers, in several countries to help them solve seemingly intractable business-critical problems – quickly.


Fundamentally, clients hire Clifford-Drew Ltd for:

  • Clear sightedness about root-cause issues.
  • The ability to make things happen – Results.
  • Building team morale and commitment to action.

My most important credential is that I’ve personally faced the types of problems that challenge you and your business.


From International to Regional & Local Companies and Charities, from serving the British Military, to Bollywood, the Legal Profession and B2B commerce. My experience is both rich and diverse.

As an Interim Manager and Consultant, I’ve helped businesses and charities to grow and I’ve been instrumental in several do-or-die turnaround situations.  Over a thirty year career, I’ve learned a lot about:

  • Building teams and getting energy.
  • Winning stakeholders’ trust and commitment.
  • Focusing, supporting and managing Boards.

My expertise and experience also extends to the technical aspects of management including Strategy and Business Planning, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, and Operational Management.

I studied at the University of Sydney, Australia. My Bachelor of Arts majored in Economics and Political Science, with minors in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology.