Interim Management and Consulting

If you’re facing a business critical issue, then perhaps I can help?

The types of challenges that Clifford-Drew Ltd has helped clients solve include:

  • How do I turnaround a failing organisation?
  • How do I handle a crisis?
  • How do I start or sustain growth?
  • How do I build a team and get people energetic, motivated, and engaged?
  • How do I cut costs and increase efficiency?

I work as both an Interim Manager and as a Consultant, depending on the challenge and your needs.

Interim Management

Interim Management assignments are very hands-on, and often involve leading an organisation through turnaround, major change or crisis.


Consulting assignments are usually focused on strategic issues involving growth, cost, efficiency, processes, people or systems.

Typically I am engaged as a trusted advisor or facilitator for your existing team.

If you think I might be able to help, contact me for an exploratory conversation.

To get more of a flavour of my work, you might like to browse a case study, or read about me, or look at my testimonials.